Secondary School’s Business Students Visit The Foundation

Could you guess who visited us today?! Check out their uniforms. Who is it?

We at the National Development Foundation of Dominica Ltd hosted 26 students from the Castle Bruce Secondary School in our conference room on Wednesday 22nd January 2020.

The students’ session was held with the Business Development Department who presented on the topic “Developing Your Business Idea”. Amongst the other topics discussed, three valuable areas were:

 – Starting a Business: Moving from Idea to Formation

– What is an Entrepreneur?

– Is Starting a Business for you?

 The students were interactive. They showed interest in the topics presented and were engaged in question and answer. They were also educated on the services which the Foundation offers.

Presentations were made by members of the department which is headed by Mr. George Challenger, the senior Business Development Officer. He spoke on the loans which are available at the NDFD and the specific requirements needed for each of them. Ms. Naomi Romain, the Business Support Services Supervisor presented on the value of support services and those available to clients of the Foundation as well as the general public. Ms. Juanita Casey another Business Development Officer spoke on the types of collateral/security which may be used to assist one with obtaining financial assistance at the NDFD. She described each type of collateral and also made mention of “what happens when the loan is in default”. Assisting the officers at the presentation was Mr. Karl Leblanc, member of the Business Support Services team.

 Interested business students are encouraged to reach out to the NDFD as school groups to benefit from educational sessions like these. They may contact the Foundation and ask to speak to Ms. Walsh who will further assist them with more details.

We at the NDFD continue to educate the growing nation.  Those who are enlightened may use this information paired with their skills and continue forward… Building Dominica.




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