The Foundation has been involved in various Events and activities which help propel the foundation to reach a wide audience and here you can view some of our events and projects we have been involved in through out the years.


THANK YOU to everyone who took the time out on Saturday 23rd March 2024 to participate in the Earth Hour activities here in Dominica.

This cause has been championed by the NDFD and the staff has always made an effort to make this day very special. Worthy mention of JCI Dominica -Jaycees for joining us on the beach clean up at Scotts Head peninsula. As well as Herbal Harmony on the river clean up at Coulibistrie.  It was a major success!



Creole In The Streets – Trade Expo 

The NDFD hosted the first ever “Creole In the Streets – Trade Expo”
This event was inspired by the NDFD 30th Anniversary showcase of NDFD’s clients which was held in 2010. The need to market clients and local products is a need and was of the foremost goals of this endeavor. It was visualized that the Independence season would be ideal for this type of event since foreigners would already be flocking the island for other Independence activities. The foremost goals were to encourage persons to support local, open an avenue for the clients and public to network and of course, add some more flavor to Dominica’s Independence celebrations. Take a look at the photos taken during the day and in preparation of the event.

Agriculture Workshop  

The National Development Foundation of Dominica Ltd hosted an Agriculture-Workshop for farmers in the north geared at informing and educating them on incorporating Good Agricultural Practices with good Business management Practices.
The theme for the workshop was, “The ABC’s for the future of Dominica’s Agriculture: re Adapt, re-Bud, re-Cultivate”


The National Development Foundation of Dominica Ltd ventures to various parts of the country and engages members in the respective communities in an informational session. These outreach programs are the ideal activity to attend for anyone who is interested in obtaining a loan at the NDFD. At our Outreach  sessions, there are presentations from every department detailing relevance and other details which are important to potential clients. This activity is also the ideal avenue for probing loans officers or asking any questions on the NDFD. Outreaches are usually held 4-5 times a year in the late afternoon. Refreshments are available after for the participants.


The National Development Foundation of Dominica Ltd hosts a monthly activity called “Road Hype”. This activity allows the public to casually interact with  members of the various departments. Information on upcoming activities, giveaways and mini-contests are held with the aim of educating others on the services and events of the NDFD. The theme of each  Road Hype is centered around the country’s seasonal activities or promotion of an NDFD’s upcoming activity or a service. Road Hype usually takes place in front of the NDFD building on a Friday from 12 noon.

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