The Foundation has prided itself in the development of one of the most needed sectors in Dominica, the small business sector. We offer a wide range of training opportunities which Provides the support needed to enhance the sector for growth and development in Dominica.


To provide opportunities to individuals who are in need of training in areas of economic, social and personal improvement and therefore contribute to their holistic development. Those individuals will be better able to secure employment or start their own business where they will be better equipped to contribute to the economic and social development of their communities. This will have a direct impact on reducing or totally eradicating poverty in the country.

The training will provide employees and employers with an opportunity to operate more effectively in their work place.

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Target Groups: Administrative professionals, senior executives, hotel receptionists, government/foreign relations.

Program Objectives: The training will provide participants with the opportunity to gain awareness, knowledge and skills of standard protocol etiquette, as it relates to social and professional contact in organizations and hosting events.

Target Groups: Community Groups, promoters, non-profit organizations.

Target Groups: Human Resource Professionals/Officers, General/Operations Managers, Safety control officers, administrative/officer staff and all other interested persons.

Program Objectives: The training will focus on the standards that should be set in organizing an office. It focuses on other elements that ensure that the office is properly managed by effective and efficient staff.

Target Groups: Supervisors, personnel responsible for safety, Human Resource Personnel, Administrative Officers, Managers, community groups/disaster preparedness

Program Objectives: To equippped participants with the necessary support, tools, knowledge/skills to provide specific expertise and services that will ensure institutions capability to cost effectively maintain operations despite a crisis.

Target Groups: Customer service rep, front line staff, small business stakeholders, admin/ secretary/ receptionist

Program Objectives: To give participants an opportunity to gain the necessary skills to improve communication with internal and external customers.

Target Groups: Sales Representative, customer representative, public relations stakeholders, marketing, front line staff officers/managers.

Target Groups: Staff within the various department and other interested individuals.

Program Objectives: To provide participants with the opportunity to acquire and learn new technicques and knowledge to adequately manage and reduce workloads, making the work environment more conducive for work and less chaotic.

Target Groups: Junior/senior supervisors, adminstrative managers/officers, junior/senior management staff, prospective supervisors

Program Objectives: This training takes the supervisor or trainee supervisor through the essentials of supervisory management and builds their confidence and competence at managing the various duties of a supervisor.

Target Groups: Recoveries Officers, Credit Officers, Loans/Business Development Officers, Baliffs and other interested staffs.

Target Groups: Make up artist, professional women, models, fashion designers & other interested persons

Program Objectives: To equip participants with the necessary knowledge and skills to professionally apply make up and take care of their hair.

Target Groups: Admin Assistant, Secretary/ Receptionist, Office Managers/ Supervisors, Customer Service Representatives and other interested staffs.

Program Objectives: The traning will focus on the standards that should be set in organizing an office. It also focuses on other elements that ensure that the office is properly managed by effective and efficient staff.

Target Groups: Customer service, sales & marketing representatives.

Program Objectives: This training will enhance the skills and knowledge of all who are in contact with customers by focusing on creatin a lasting relationship with them.

Target Groups: Human Resource Officers/Managers, Labor officers, supervisors, adminstrative and other interest staff/individuals.

Target Groups: Decorators, House wives, event’s organizers, Florist & any other interested persons.

Program Objectives:To equip participants with the necessary skills and techniques in the area of floral arrangement as a hobby or career project.


    Full payment before first classHalf payment before first class, half after last class