NDFD cooperates with IDB Lab’s EcoMicro project to develop “Green Product” loans

The project will build climate resilience of micro-, small- and medium enterprises (MSMEs) and low-income households (LIHs) in Dominica, through development of two distinct green finance products that would support access to

(i) renewable energy (RE) / energy efficiency (EE) technologies (mitigation finance), and

(ii) adaptation technologies/measures (adaptation finance).


This project will implement the prescribed modular approach of the EcoMicro Program aimed at building climate resilience of MSMEs and low-income households, through the execution of three mutually reinforcing and interlocking components:


Mitigation finance: The proposed solution will increase access to clean and efficient energy technology products and services by LIHs and MSMEs in the Distributive Trade, Industry, and Services sectors. Lower energy costs will reduce operational costs and improve the competitiveness of MSMEs, while energy savings will increase the disposable income of LIHs.


Adaptation finance: The proposed solution will enable smallholder farmers to invest in climate-smart technologies and implement adaptation measures customized to support on-farm needs, that will build their resilience to climate change. Adaptation finance will also allow low-income home mortgage clients to invest in climate-proofing new construction and retrofitting existing structures to make them more resilient to extreme weather events.


We are currently conducting a survey to do a market analysis that shall guide the development of our loan product. For more information about the survey, please CLICK HERE.


To participate in the survey, just select your category and complete the online survey:


Micro-, small and medium enterprises CLICK HERE

Agriculture producers CLICK HERE


Green technology equipment suppliers  CLICK HERE

Households CLICK HERE


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